Mueller’s Investigation Has Been Sabotaged

Robert Mueller’s investigation has become irrelevant and a waste of time and money.  And Mueller has no one but himself to blame.

It’s impossible to know what was Mueller’s original intent was when he was appointed as a Special Prosecutor and he formed his investigative team.  Giving him the benefit of the doubt I believe he started out with the integrity that his reputation warranted.  Once he started staffing his team with prominent, well know extremely liberal prosecutors and lawyers, his impartiality quickly became questionable.

As of this writing he has removed two members of his team due to their obvious biases and desire to destroy the President Of The United States.

Regardless of what the evidence is, what he reports, what indictments, if any, are issued, everything has been tainted by the unprecedented bias displayed by his team of investigators.

If he truly is a honest impartial prosecutor, he should terminate the investigation where it is now without any publishing any findings.  He should turn over his investigative documents to the Attorney General and dismantle his team.

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