Media Is Worthy Of Their “Fake News” Reputation

On August 4’ 2018 President Trump tweeted,  Fake News reporting, a complete fabrication, that I am concerned about the meeting my wonderful son, Donald, had in Trump Tower. This was a meeting to get information on an opponent, totally legal and done all the time in politics – and it went nowhere. I did not know about it!.   After the tweet the MSM went nuts with the most outrageous claims. (See the links below for some of the hysteria).

Pundits are claiming that the tweet confirms President Trump lied about the meeting in Trump Tower; that President Trump lied about the subject of the meeting.  The MSM is also claiming this “new” information will certainly bring down the president.

The problem is, all this information was already reported by the MSM.  Nothing is new here.

The media is playing this up in an attempt to distract the country, to draw the country’s attention away from the fact that the Mueller investigation has found nothing concerning President Trump colluded, what ever that means, with the Russians in order to defeat Hillary Clinton.

Below is a link to a CNN article with a timeline published August 4, 2017, that’s right, 2017.

Timeline of Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting revelations

Below is just a sample of the faux breaking revelations:

President Admits Trump Tower Meeting Was Meant to Get Dirt on Clinton

Trump Tweet Appears To Alter Story