We The People No Longer Have Control Of Our Government

With the Speaker of The House, Speaker Paul Ryan, not allowing a vote on the resolution to impeach Rod Rosenstein is a example that the citizens of this country do not have any input to how Congress responds to the voters demands.

Rep. Jim Jordan and others drafted a resolution with articles of impeachment of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.  DOJ, Rosenstein, refuse to comply with requests and subpoenas for DOJ and FBI for documents “covering the Russia probe — including the FBI’s use of informants to make contact with the 2016 Trump campaign and speculation it had abused Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act powers to gather information on Trump associates — and its examination of Hillary Clinton’s private email server.”

A brief background on why Rep Jordon is taking this action:  Rep. Jordan’s (and others) actions is an attempt to exercise their Constitutional obligation to provide oversight of the agencies of the US government that they, Congress, have established.  In particular Congress is attempting to resolve the questions of the actions taken by the FBI and the DOJ in the investigations of the 2016 Trump campaign, the use of a “dossier” prepared by the opposing campaign, Hillary Clinton’s campaign, as evidence of “collusion” that the Trump campaign and Trump himself, had with the Russian government, and the investigation and subsequent dismissal of any wrong doing by Hillary Clinton in her action of using a private, civilian email server for all her Secretary of State email communications.

Just the fact that Clinton sent and received classified information through using non-State Department, non-government, unsecured email server and the DOJ and FBI dismissed this act as carelessness but not a violation of government and State Department regulation regarding the handling classified information is enough for the Congress to suspect preferential treatment was provided by the DOJ and FBI to Hillary Clinton and her campaign and State Department staff.

As we have learned in recent weeks, a unauthorized entity had infiltrated the Hillary Clinton private email server and altered the server in such a way that the server would automatically forward all incoming and outgoing emails to an unauthorized email address.  This means that a unauthorized entity has had knowledge of all Clinton’s email communications during her tenure as Secretary of State.  This includes email communications between herself and, the the time, the President of the United States, President Obama, DOD, intelligence agencies, and individuals in other sensitive areas of the government.

Since the DOJ/FBI has decided not to take action against Hillary Clinton, her State Department Staff or her Campaign staff for violating many government regulations and US laws that require protection of classified information in their possession, Congress has every right to investigate and delve into the process and documentation surrounding the FBI’s investigation.

Since Speaker Ryan has refused to allow the Rep. Jordan’s he is refusing to let the American people know why an individual who violated US laws was not held accountable.

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