Washington Post Analysis Misleads The Reader

September 11, 2018, the Washington Post published an article by Aaron Blake attempting to downplay the significance of the latest Strozk/Page text messages released.

The text messages, albeit not complete, but  when read in context with the rest of the text messages, emails and Congressional testimony (Ohr, Lisa Page, Strzok) surrounding the conspiracy to overthrow the current Administration are extremely significant.

The latest messages continue the theme of Strzok and Lisa Pages previous text messages discussing the plan or “insurance policy” to disrupt at the least, but to destroy as the goal the Trump administration.

Blake attempted to discourage the reader from placing any credit to the overall conspiracy.  Blake took statements and sentence fragments from the text messages and portrayed them as unclear, ambiguous and emphasized Strzok attorney’s statement that the messages clearly demonstrated that Strzok and Lisa Page were actively working to track and stop any leaks to the media.

It was a commendable attempt, but it fails.  If Blake’s readers are following the DOJ/FBI corruption/conspiricy news they would find the messages are clear and damning and point directly to the the highest levels of the FBI and DOJ that also participated in the conspiricy.




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