Last night, President Trump delivered his 2019 SOTU speech. President Trump delivered an excellent speech.

Speaker Pelosi completely ignored the President, didn’t display the respect she should have for the President. She consciously and deliberately shuffled through papers putting her disgust and hatred of the President on national TV. Her hatred of the President reflects her hatred of this country.

The Democrats on the other side showed their petulance, their anti-American standing, and their absolute refusal to work for America and American citizens.

The only time the Democrats rose and applauded was when President Trump acknowledged the number of women elected to the Congress last November. They only cheered themselves.

They sat and glared at the President when he spoke about the disgusting practice of late term abortion and the vile acts of New York and Virginia. New York passed a bill for late term abortion, up to and including the 9th month, and if the woman is in labor. Virginia attempted the same but it was not passed.

The Democrats didn’t even acknowledge the Presidents pledge that the United States would never be a Socialist country. They actually refused to accept that fact.