What Is Happening To The Democratic Party?

The Democratic Party has become the party of hate.  I sit and wonder why this is happening.  I understand they hate President Trump which I somewhat understand. During the President George W. Bush’s presidency, I had friends that had such a hate for President Bush, it was very disturbing.  I’ve never seen such hate in anyone before.  Like I said “had” a few friends.  I no longer consider them as friends.  These are people that I had known for over 15 years in one case and 10 in another.  We never had any disagreements or confrontations what’s so ever.  I didn’t hide my conservatism from them, but I didn’t have “water cooler” discussions about politics, religion or most other personal positions I have.  I made it a point back then, but I’ve taken the stance today to absolutely avoid any conversations on politics, religion or my conservative values and beliefs.  These folks became such rabid haters that I became quite fearful of a physical confrontation would result.

Their hatred of President Bush grew to an obvious hatred of me.  Not for anything I did or said but because I was a Bush supporter and conservative.  I never gave them any reason to hate me but it was solely based on my conservative values.

The hatred I saw back in the Bush days was limited to those few people I worked with.  Today I see a widespread rabid hatred for anything conservative, Trump or anyone that supports Trump.

We saw a group of Catholic young men in Washington DC wearing MAGA caps harassed by a group of activists for no reason other than wearing the MAGA baseball cap.  The young men congregated on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial as they were instructed by their chaperones to wait for their bus.  They weren’t waving flags, signs, or protesting.  The activists screamed vile words, called them disgusting things.  The young men stood and did not respond.  Eventually a Native American activist approached the boys chanting and beating his drum.  He was surrounded by his group of activists, who were verbally harassing the young men.  Within minutes the media, Hollywood, and liberal politicians immediately went on twitter and condemned the boys for “harassing” the Native American.  As further investigation and additional video was released it became clear the young men were the recipient of the vile harassment and verbal abuse and did not confront the Native American at all.  They were quite respective and did not respond to the constant verbal abuse from the activists.1

Every day we see or hear about an incident in which a member of the LGBTQ community has been denied service because of their sexual orientation.  A cake artist in Denver, Colorado is a perfect example.  in July 2102 Jack Philips, the cake artist, was visited in his store by a gay couple.  The gay couple requested a custom wedding cake.  Jack and the gay couple had a brief discussion where Phillips informed the couple that he couldn’t provide the custom gay wedding cake celebrating their wedding due to his Christian beliefs.  He offered to sell them anything else in the store or bake another cake.  in the days after the gay couple left Phillips started getting phone calls from people threatening and harassing him because of his decision to not provide the custom cake to the gay couple.  Being a Denver native, I know for a fact there are many very good bakers and cake artists in the Denver Metro area that would have been very happy to create the gay couples wedding celebration cake.1

The gay couple took the matter to the Colorado Civil Rights Commission for sexual orientation discrimination.  The Civil Rights Commission ordered Phillips to either violate Phillips faith and create the cake or to stop designing all wedding cakes.  In addition to the two choices the Commission orders, Phillips was also ordered by the Commission to “reeducate” “his staff by teaching them that he was wrong to operate his business consistently with his faith”.  Since designing wedding cakes was approximately 40% of Phillips business the two choices were not an option.

Phillips took his case to the courts and in July 2016 Phillips attorneys, ADF attorneys, petitioned the US Supreme court to take up Phillips case.  On June 4, 2018 the US Supreme Court ruled 7-2 in favor of Jack Phillips.  The ruling reversed Colorado’s decision to punish Phillips, his wife and his staff.  Regardless of the ruling from the US Supreme, the State of Colorado is harassing Jack Phillips again2.

The entire case against Jack Phillips and his wife and staff was initiated and perpetuated by pure hate; hate coming from the LGBTQ community of Denver and hate from the state of Colorado and the newly elected Governor of Colorado.

Today, the left is using hate to move people to their side, or to block the conservative side from existing.  As a conservative I see hate emerging from a wide population of our citizens; from Hollywood, radical left-wing politicians,  the media, the LGBTQ community, and the entire Democratic Party.

I often ask myself: Why? Why is there so much hate in this country now?  I have not found the answer.