What Happens After The AR15 Is Banned?

The Democrats and liberals are frantically trying to use the latest mass school shooting in Florida to move their anti-gun agenda forward.  This time they have recruited into their march the survivors of the murders, their parents and the usual Hollywood types to their cause.

The anti-gun advocates are smart, very smart.  They know how to foment the public to rise up to the left’s agenda.  The anti-gun left has created the illusion the AR15 is the real cause of the shooting in Florida and others.  This illusion is being enforced again after the Florida tragedy.  The general, un-informed, public has been inundated with the false narrative that it’s the “guns’s fault” these tragedies are occurring and if the AR15 is banned and removed from society, all will be well in the world.

This morning I saw a news report of Mike Coffman, Republican representative from Denver, at a town hall.  He was booed and jeered when he offered, among other things, “reasonable restrictions within the parameters of the Second Amendment,” and again when he “suggested that the government beef up school security”.  This demonstrates the success the anti-gun, anti-second amendment, has been in turning the public away from the root of the problem and and focused them on the gun.

When the public booed and jeers when the suggestion of increased school security, it’s a clear sign that the anti-gun left is succeeding in their goal of disarming this country.

If the left is successful in banning the AR15 and the next school shooting occurs using another firearm, there will be a frantic push to ban that weapon too.  Eventually, the left will achieve their ultimate goal of a unarmed citizenship.  And all along sacrificing the unprotected children in schools.

It also shows the anti-Constitution left is succeeding in convincing the public that the Constitution is not to be revered and laws and rules can be implemented in direct opposition of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  The left refuses to acknowledge the natural rights bestowed on us by our creator.  They believe who ever is in charge can define the rights of the population.

Mueller’s Investigation Has Been Sabotaged

Robert Mueller’s investigation has become irrelevant and a waste of time and money.  And Mueller has no one but himself to blame.

It’s impossible to know what was Mueller’s original intent was when he was appointed as a Special Prosecutor and he formed his investigative team.  Giving him the benefit of the doubt I believe he started out with the integrity that his reputation warranted.  Once he started staffing his team with prominent, well know extremely liberal prosecutors and lawyers, his impartiality quickly became questionable.

As of this writing he has removed two members of his team due to their obvious biases and desire to destroy the President Of The United States.

Regardless of what the evidence is, what he reports, what indictments, if any, are issued, everything has been tainted by the unprecedented bias displayed by his team of investigators.

If he truly is a honest impartial prosecutor, he should terminate the investigation where it is now without any publishing any findings.  He should turn over his investigative documents to the Attorney General and dismantle his team.

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